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About Us

The UW-Madison has a rich history in fundamental and clinical blood research, which has been distributed across multiple departments.

The UW-Madison Blood Research Program was established in January of 2013 to unite outstanding blood researchers under the auspices of a central organizational structure and collaborative unit.

Our Research

  • Disease Mechanisms & Targeting

    UW-Madison Blood Research Program focus on pathological disorders including, but not limited to, leukemia, lymphoma…

    Disease Mechanisms & Targeting
  • Fundamental Research

    Researchers in the UW-Madison Blood Research Program focus on elucidating genetic, epigenetic, biochemical and physiological mechanisms…

    Fundamental Research
  • Facilities

    Members of the UW-Madison Blood Research Program are housed in state-of-the-art facilities with well-equipped modern laboratories to accomodate multidisciplinary laboratory investigation and to promote synergistic collaborations.



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Revolutionary technological advances are transforming biomedical science, and UW-Madison Blood Research Program investigators are forging and applying these technologies to solve previously intractable problems related to the genetics, physiology and pathology of blood cells and their microenvironment.
Emery Bresnick, UW-Madison Blood Research Program