Emery Bresnick

Emery Bresnick

Blood Cell Development and Function in Physiology and Disease

We use multidisciplinary approaches to understand how stem and progenitor cells form the diverse complement of blood cells in physiology and cancer. We study the regulation of genes and chromosomes (including epigenetics) and how gene/chromosome dysregulation corrupts cell function and causes disease. Our team has expertise in genomics, proteomics, chemical genetics, and computational analysis, as well as powerful molecular, cellular and biochemical technologies.

A major effort, which encompasses basic and translational/clinical science, involves discovering and deciphering genetic networks that regulate the generation and function of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Defining such mechanisms has vital importance, as their disruption leads to adult and pediatric blood cell cancers (e.g., leukemia and lymphoma) as well as pre-malignant or non-malignant blood cell pathologies (e.g., myelodysplastic syndrome, anemia and immunodeficiency). While hematopoietic stem cells are routinely transplanted to treat diverse diseases, their critical long-term repopulating activity is incompletely understood and cannot be readily modulated for therapeutic application. Mechanistic insights can be exploited to develop novel approaches to therapeutically modulate hematopoietic stem cells, hematopoiesis, and blood cell malignancies.

Another program focuses on the mechanisms governing the normal development/function of red blood cells and regeneration of the hematopoietic system in the context of stress associated with conditions such as chronic infection and aging. Goals of this work include discovering novel mechanisms, developing translational strategies, and moving toward patient-specific clinical applications to advance medical practice.

Dr. Bresnick and his team are passionate about making biological and mechanistic discoveries, translating discoveries into clinical insights and strategies, and training the next-generation of multidisciplinary researchers and scholars (undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, medical fellows).

Interested candidates can apply to:  ehbresni@wisc.edu

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