Facilities & Resources

Facilities & Resources

UW-Madison Blood Research Program faculty laboratories reside in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR), the McArdle Cancer Research Laboratory and neighboring facilities at the UW-Madison. In late 2013, the McArdle Laboratory will move into the new wing of the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR), further mobilizing Blood Research Program investigators into a common facility.

UW-Madison Carbone Cancer Center Shared Resources:
WIMR houses multiple Carbone Cancer Center (National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center) Core Facilities, including state-of-the-art Flow Cytometry, Experimental Pathology, Small Molecule Screening and Synthesis, Transgenic and Mutant Animal, Small Animal Imaging, Proteomics, Biostatistics Shared Resource.

UW-Madison Biotechnology Center:
UW-Madison has an extremely well equipped Biotechnology Center with outstanding research cores including Bioinformatics Resource Center, DNA Sequencing, DNA Synthesis, Gene Expression Center, Mass Spectrometry, Peptide Synthesis, Targeted Genome Editing, and Transgenic Facility.

UW-Madison Institute for Clinical and Translational Research:
The National Center for Advancing Clinical Sciences (NCATS) funded Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at the UW-Madisons School of Medicine and Public Health has multiple mechanisms to catalyze translational and clinical science.

UW-Madison Cell/Tissue Imaging Facilities:
UW-Madison has multiple cell and tissue imaging facilities including the W.M. Keck Laboratory for Biological Imaging and the Laboratory of Optical and Computational Instrumentration.

In addition to the formal centers and facilities described above, UW-Madison has cutting-edge programs in essentially all areas of biological and physical science, and we have a strong tradition of fostering collaborative multidisciplinary research.